Corporate Virtual Data Rooms

Companies today depend on the creation, transmission, and receipt of data. Email, FTP, and cloud-based file-sharing are all electronic tools that can be used to share files. Virtual data rooms are the next step in online data exchanges. They enable companies to manage critical data in a safe, solid environment, and with a global user network.

VDRs are highly sophisticated online information exchanges that offer robust document protection communications and collaboration features. They’re used to safely save and share documents as well as other content through a global network of users with 24/7 availability and support. They can be accessed by any computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access. They are ideal for sensitive and private documents and can be used to aid in diverse business processes including strategic partnerships, fundraising, and due diligence.

In M&A transactions, VDRs are often used to aid due diligence. Both the buy-side and sell-side require a location to store and access the necessary documentation. VDRs enable companies to streamline their strategic partnership process, which is a key aspect of growth strategies.

The technology behind these online repositories has evolved significantly in the past five to 10 years, and many vendors offer a variety of pricing models, from paying per-user uploads to pay-per page fees for adding or removing users. When choosing a VDR provider, think about transparency in pricing and practical features that are used more than features that are seldom used. The iDeals platform is easy to use interface and is extremely efficient. We’ve completed three multi-million dollars/euro M&A deals with iDeals and are delighted customers.

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