Aubrey Plaza Dating: The Enigmatic Love Life Of A Hollywood Star


When it comes to relationship in Hollywood, there are endless rumors and speculations swirling round celebrities’ private lives. Aubrey Plaza, identified for her quirky humor and charming on-screen performances, is no exception. From her mischievous character on "Parks and Recreation" to her fascinating presence in unbiased movies, Plaza has captured the hearts of many. But what about her real-life love story? In this text, we dive deep into Aubrey Plaza’s courting history, unraveling the tangled web of romance that surrounds this enigmatic star.

Aubrey Plaza’s Early Life and Career

Before delving into Aubrey Plaza’s relationship life, let’s take a brief look at her background. Plaza was born on June 26, 1984, in Wilmington, Delaware. She found her love for acting at an early age and pursued a level in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Plaza’s breakthrough function got here in 2009 when she landed the role of April Ludgate on the hit tv show "Parks and Recreation." Since then, she has been a outstanding determine in each tv and movie, identified for her deadpan supply and offbeat humor.

The Mystery Surrounding Aubrey Plaza’s Love Life

When it comes to her courting life, Plaza has managed to keep it comparatively underneath wraps. While some celebrities might flaunt their relationships within the public eye, Plaza has chosen to take care of a catholic dating sites is free stage of privacy. This has fueled curiosity and hypothesis among followers and the media, leaving them eager to uncover the details of her romantic encounters. So, who has Aubrey Plaza dated? Let’s explore her rumored and confirmed relationships.

Aubrey Plaza’s Rumored Relationships

1. Michael Cera

One of the earliest rumored relationships in Plaza’s courting historical past is with actor Michael Cera. The two starred together in the comedy movie "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" in 2010 and displayed great on-screen chemistry. Although they by no means confirmed their relationship, their simple chemistry and comparable comedic sensibilities sparked rumors of a real-life romance.

2. Jeff Baena

Another notable identify linked to Aubrey Plaza is filmmaker Jeff Baena. The couple has stored their relationship largely private, but Plaza has occasionally shared glimpses of their life together on social media. Baena, identified for his work on movies like "Life After Beth" and "The Little Hours," appears to share Plaza’s offbeat sense of humor and inventive inclinations.

Aubrey Plaza’s Confirmed Relationships

1. John Gallagher Jr.

One confirmed relationship in Plaza’s courting history is with actor John Gallagher Jr. The couple began courting in 2009 whereas working together on the stage manufacturing of "Farragut North." Their on-stage chemistry spilled over into actual life, capturing the hearts of followers. However, their relationship eventually got here to an finish, and so they parted ways.

2. Jeffery Self

Aubrey Plaza also had a publicized relationship with comedian and writer Jeffery Self. The couple dated for a quantity of years before calling it quits, and their story was followed carefully by followers and the media. Plaza’s coy and sarcastic nature appeared to complement Self’s comedic fashion, making them an intriguing pair.

Plaza’s Approach to Dating: Keeping it Private

In an era where celebrities are continually in the public eye, Aubrey Plaza’s choice for preserving her dating life private can be seen as a deliberate alternative. Rather than looking for validation or attention via her romantic relationships, Plaza focuses on her craft and personal growth. Her dedication to maintaining a way of normalcy amidst the chaos of fame is a testomony to her authenticity and values.


Aubrey Plaza, along with her charming performances and mysterious air, has managed to keep the main points of her relationship life underneath wraps. While rumors and speculations surround her private life, Plaza has chosen to prioritize privateness and give attention to her craft. Whether she’s sharing display screen time with a fellow actor or embarking on a real-life romance, Plaza’s enigmatic love life solely provides to her attract. As fans, we will continue to admire her expertise whereas respecting her desire for privacy in matters of the heart.


  1. Who is Aubrey Plaza dating?

    • As of my knowledge cutoff, Aubrey Plaza is courting director and screenwriter Jeff Baena. They have been in a relationship since 2011 and have collaborated on varied movie tasks together. Baena directed Plaza in movies like "Life After Beth" and "The Little Hours".
  2. How did Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena meet?

    • Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena reportedly met in 2011 whereas working on Baena’s movie "Safety Not Guaranteed". Plaza auditioned for a role within the movie, and their professional relationship blossomed right into a romantic one.
  3. Has Aubrey Plaza dated anybody else in the past?

    • Prior to courting Jeff Baena, Aubrey Plaza has not publicly confirmed some other long-term relationships. However, she has been identified to maintain her private life personal, so it’s possible that she had relationships that weren’t made public.
  4. Are Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena engaged?

    • As of my information cutoff, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena aren’t engaged. There have been no official bulletins relating to their plans to get married.
  5. Have Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena labored together on another projects?

    • Yes, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena have collaborated on several movie tasks besides "Safety Not Guaranteed". Baena wrote and directed the zombie comedy "Life After Beth" in 2014, which featured Plaza within the lead function. They additionally worked together on the raunchy nun comedy "The Little Hours" in 2017, for which Baena each wrote and directed, whereas Plaza starred alongside a gifted cast.
  6. Do Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena have plans to collaborate on future projects?

    • While there haven’t been any official announcements about their upcoming collaborations, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena have expressed their need to continue working collectively in future tasks. Given their successful skilled and private relationship, it is doubtless they will collaborate on more movies in the future.
  7. How does Aubrey Plaza’s dating life influence her career?

    • Aubrey Plaza has managed to efficiently balance her dating life with her profession as an completed actress and comedian. While her relationships are a half of her private life, they don’t seem to have a unfavorable influence on her skilled work. In fact, her collaborations with Jeff Baena have obtained critical acclaim and have helped additional establish her acting credentials.